Hardcore or makeshift players of all over the world, I introduce you my first videogame developed in UNITY for Facebook. This game is a clone of the legendary ASTEROIDS, one of the first 80’s videogames. With this mythical game I squandered my weekly pocket money, on saturday afternoon, at the oratory cafè.The choice was so hard, I had to chioce between an ice lolly or chips or ASTEROIDS.

Iscore admit that I were a mediocre player with videogames in generally frecce(LUCASArts games excluded) and I am mediocre also now with my creation. Right now I don’t succeed to get over the 18th level and I reached the best score of 7795. I challenge you to do better! The controls are simple. The dynamics  of starship  simulate the space navigation. You can go forward  and rotate (with arrow keys) dosing the propulsion pulses . Your ship has no brakes, therefore you will have to calculate the inertial movement to understand where it will stop. Pay attention to the enemy ships, they will appear from nowhere to destroy you (don’t ask me why). What is the purpose of the game? Clean up the galaxy from pesky asteroids. What is the chili of the game? Succeed with elegance. It means to try to be as precise as possible and not wasting shots. In that way you will obtain more score then to shooting wildly (even if you do it is very funny). The destroyed enemy ships may abandon some components  in space that might like to hear about. I leave to you to discover how to use them… fire_attr
Beware of flying saucers: they are hard to break down! The game is here:
http://apps.facebook.com/giuporoid (you need a Facebook account).
Now you just need to go at full speed in deep space! Then let me know how it went.