CURRICULUM Turin, 20 October 2016


Surname and Name Poretti Giuliano
Address ****
Date of birth 31 January 1976
Nationality Italian
Gender Male
Fiscal code ****
Tel. ****
Web site
Tipo di impiego “Digital artisan” (freelance)
Periodo From October 2015 to today
Nome datore di lavoro GiuPor, Turin
Tipo di azienda o settore CG animation – motiong graphics – interactive experience design
Mansioni-responsabilità 3D animation. Video production and postproduction. 3D design. Motion graphics. App, web sites, indie videogames. Video mapping. scenography. Video projection on buildings .
Title/position Motion designer – 3D generalist (employee)
Period Seven years (2009-2015)
Company D-wok , Turin
Business sector Entertainment video design
Duties – responsibilities Video production for big events, advertising, TV, web and live shows. Live action footage, green screen, stop-motion, 3D animation, motiongraphics, video mapping, building projection, holographic projections.
Title/position Teacher Course “CGI 3D with Softimage XSI”
Period Ten month (2011)
Company Experimental Center of Cinematography: animation, Turin
Business sector Professional training for the animation-industry
Duties – responsibilities Software Introduction and basic concepts of 3D CGI; modeling; materials, lights and rendering; animation tools, rigging and physical dynamics.
Title/position Video editor – motiongrapher (employee)
Period Three month (2008)
Company PRODEA, Turin
Business sector Communication and production events
Duties – responsibilities Video production for live shows. Motiongraphics for communication campaigns and major events.
Title/position Character animator – compositor (employee)
Period Nine month (2008)
Company UBIK, Milan
Business sector Visual effects and post-production
Duties – responsibilities 3D modeling, animation and compositing for TV commercials and animated series:GORMITI Final Evolution” (five episodes of 26 minutes).
Title/position Teacher Course “Advanced applications and services on the web
Period One year and half (2003-2004)
Company ITIS Pininfarina, Moncalieri – Turin
Business sector Training
Duties – responsibilities Creating dynamic web applications using HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and ASP with Microsoft Access DB.
Title/position Web Desiner – software developer (employee)
Period Four years (2000-2004)
Company SIGNUM, Turin
Business sector Multimedia and traditional publishing – software development
Duties – responsibilities CGI 3D, Flash animations, GUI. Development of dynamic web applications: e-learning and ecommerce. Publishing traditional graphics.
Title/position Multimedia – graphic designer (internship)
Period Four month (2000)
Company Visual Grafika, Turin
Business sector Multimedia and traditional publishing
Duties – responsibilities Production of multimedia CD. Interactive graphic interfaces. Illustrations and layout.
Title/position Tester – installer (employee)
Period Six month (1995-1996)
Company “Olivetti”, Turin
Business sector Systems engineering and assembly hardware
Duties – responsibilities Configuration and installation hardware. Installation devices and proprietary software.


Graduation Animator film production.
Period Three years (2005-2007)
Institute Experimental Center of Cinematography: animation, Turin
Skills acquired History and language of animation, life drawing, animation, computer graphics, storyboard, editing, compositing, videoboard, production (workflow – pipeline), seminars of direction, script for the animation, character design, set design, laboratory stop-motion, 3D CGI. Short film: BABAU”.
Graduation Illustrator with sketching techniques.
Period Three month (2003)
Institute Course of “Design Sketching”, European Institute of Design Turin.
Skills acquired Design techniques for quick viewing. Use of perspective instinctive. Quick sketch of volumes and solid forms. Rendering of materials and surfaces. Staining with “Pantone Letraset”.
Graduation Video editor.
Period Three month (2001)
Institute Course of “Video editing”, European Institute of Design Turin.
Skills acquired Theory of video editing. Managing contributions multiple: audio, video and graphics. Realization of simple special effects. Technology and video compression standards.
Graduation 3D modeler and animator.
Period Six month (2000-2001)
Institute Course of “3Dstudiomax”, European Institute of Design Turin
Skills acquired Solid modeling. Textures, mapping and creation of materials. Lighting and rendering. Preparation of the set. Animation and timing. Dynamics and particle systems.
Graduation Operator of visual communication.
Period Six month (1999-2000).
Institute Course of “Operator of visual communication” Enaip Grugliasco – Turin
Skills acquired Working with computer and software standards in the production of a graphic design studio. Planning and implementation of an executive. Creation of a multimedia CD.
Graduation Degree in computer science.
Period Five years (1990-1995)
Institute Industrial Technical Institute “ARTS & CRAFTSTurin


Foreign language English (basic level).
Group work: brainstorming, planning and production. Sharing of processed and comparing with other professionals. Propensity to invest in continuous training (received and offered).
Feasibility study. Analysis and estimation: human resources, costs and production time. Creation and maintenance of the production plan. Coordination of the work of a team. Development of methods and tools to optimize your workflow and productivity.
Depth knowledge of the following software: XSI, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, FinalCut. Basic knowledge of the following software: Unity3d, DreamWeaver, Flash, C4D, Maya, 3DStudioMax. Occasional use of the Microsoft Office package. Known programming languages: VBScript, JavaScript, ColdFusion, Actionscript, Lingo, PHP, ASP. Under study: C # (Unity3d).
Solid knoledge of animation (motiongraphics and character) with any technique. Skill in modeling and mold making for a preliminary model for the reproduction of three-dimensional real subject (silicone rubbers, resin, latex). Ability to design and construction of characters animatable in stop-motion (armatures, set design, costumes, props). Good attitude to the practical/manual work . Creation of video games in spare time (Ex. “GIUPOROID“). Good skills with BBQ.
Driving licence B.

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